Useful walkthrough cheats for PC game Super Smash Flash 2

SSF 2 is a brawling computer game developed by Cleod9 Productions, it has several unique gaming modes such as Classic, All-Star, Adventure, Target, Multi-Man Melee and Standard Melee. All these modules, except for All-Star can be unlocked from the very start. Each individual character’s health is measured based on the damage percent ratio, with this value increasing each time a character is attacked thus making him weaker and prone to a total finish.

Useful walkthrough cheats for PC game Super Smash Flash 2Crono Blade Attack 

You can attempt this powerful cheat by using character Crono. Scroll down to Peach’s Castle, and then further to green pipe. Once you’ve reached there, hit down button and press on ‘P’. This would make Crono stretch out his sword endlessly. And if an antagonist touches on you, he shall get approximately 550% damage inflicted upon him before flying-up and perishing.

Easy Win 

If your goal is beating 100 Man, then all that’s required is jumping up the topmost platform so that they won’t be able to catch up with you. For the All-Star Mode, it’s also possible to skip certain level fights till you’re left with just a single battle. Then hit ‘Backspace’ bar and pick another game-mode which is more suitable for you. By doing so, you’ll attain the best All-Star rating with just 3 hearts. Skipping one more level can also get you directly to the main fighting arena.this is sora (png file)

Defeating Master Hand 

When you’re up against the character Master Hand, when he’s just about to launch a hit, press pause and he shall run right through you without incurring any damage. This simple trick can also help Find Super Smash Flash 2 characters and unlock them.

Apart from the tricks mentioned above, other random cheats of SSF2 you can try to unlock characters are ‘Blue’ for clearing the Adventure Mode with Blade when playing on Normal difficulty setting, and ‘Cloud’ which can help you complete the 100-man Melee using any character.