The ultimate challenge – The Impossible Quiz 3

The ultimate challenge – The Impossible Quiz 3
The Impossible Quiz 3 is a popular online Quiz game which can be played on most browsers. As the name suggests, winning the game is IMPOSSIBLE(Quite Literally!). All you have to do is answer questions to proceed further in the game, without further words you can play game right on gaming sites.

INSTRUCTIONS: The game is a classic quiz game played online using a supported browser. You are posed with questions and you have to answer them! Most of the questions are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) though the game promises a few surprises on the way. Some questions even have a timer or such interesting tricks to make the game more challenging! You are given 3 lives to start with and as expected and you lose a life for every wrong answer! Its not as easy as you think it is!To add fun to the game, you can skip questions by earning SKIPS. However, there are only 3 to collect! There are FUSE STOPPERS to save you from those deadly bombs!

funny logo of the gameCONTROLS: The controls are pretty simple, one that you’ll find in any classic online flash game! In most questions, you can use your mouse to select the correct answer. However, some questions require the use of keyboard as well. Don’t fall trap for its simple controls, the game is not as easy as it looks!

QUESTIONS: The game poses you with quite simple questions to begin with. Those which can be answered using simple general knowledge and some thinking. However, it gets really tough as you proceed with the game. The questions become tougher and require you to think OUT OF THE BOX (as the developer calls it!) along with complex thinking! Play until you reach a point where the game becomes quite literally IMPOSSIBLE to win!WINNING:-True to its name, the game is IMPOSSIBLE to win! You just keep playing until you run out of lives!

CONCLUSION: The game is the 3rd in the series of IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ and once again a fan-puller! If you’ve played any of the games in the series before, its a must for you. You can play this to improve your knowledge or even as a pass-time to have some fun!