Happy Wheels Mindless Physics for the Troller in You

Happy Wheels Mindless Physics for the Troller in You Happy Wheels unblocked is the same rag-doll physics game where you try to survive that we’ve all played before, bored at work and wanting to see how much we can accomplish without ever accomplishing anything. My review of Happy Wheels 3, however, is little more exciting than your run of the mill physics game. Happy Wheels involves a level of gore that satisfies our inner caveman while sitting in the cubicle as well as the satisfaction of watching your own replays, replays of other users, and being able to create levels so that if your characters deserve a ring of hell that you just haven’t been able to reach you can make it yourself.

Basic Game Play
The instructions of the game are to survive. The mechanics can vary based on what level you play (due to the various levels created by different players) but the gist of it is this: you have a character, a vehicle, and an environment with obstacles and tokens that can be both visible or hidden. You can also eject your character from whatever vehicle he, she, or it is driving. You want as many points or tokens as you can get before you die. Or, if you like things a little more morbid, you want to see how terribly you can kill your character. The graphic violence of this game is at least half the fun, including but not limited to loss of limb, decapitations, impalement, and so on. Did I mention that this crazy game is free to play and can be found at www.happywheelsunblocked.me? No? Well now you know where you can play it.

To control your little guy you’ll be using the basic keyboard controls that most online games use. Arrow keys–up is forward; down is reverse; side to side is ‘lean’. These can also vary depending on what level of the game you play. In the version I enjoyed most my little man was on a segway, so ‘lean’ in that case was very important. The Space Bar is your main movement, usually jump or something similar, and the Shift and Ctrl buttons are ”special moves.’ Again, because this game has such a high level of customization the special moves are different with each level you play.

It was developed in 2010 and has just taken off ever since. It’s highly reviewed almost everywhere as one of the best free games to play online and as long as you’re okay with a little black comedy in your game playing this’ll suit you better than most and I highly recommend it.