Return Man Review

Return Man ReviewReturn Man is an ESPN arcade game, powered by Mini Monster Media, which can be played online for free @ It is simple yet exciting because the opposing team randomly reaches for you and if you fail to defend yourself, you will be immediately tackled. You are given three possessions and you earn one every time you reach the goal, therefore, giving you ample more games to increase your score. Return Man – Touch Down! The game is pretty simple, you will play as the “Return Man”. Your main goal is to reach the 75 yards for touchdown without being tackled. You are playing with 3 virtual football players – a quarterback and 2 tackle guards – who will save you from several NFL defender. Game Controls You have to use your keyboard when playing Return Man, which is a bit unusual especially if you play other online games that usually require you to use your mouse. Arrow keys or J, I and L will instruct your character where to go in order to successfully attain a touchdown. Space bar to continue the game if you and M to mute the sound. You can unlock additional moves such as Juke (A), Hurdle (S) and Afterburner (D) Why Play Return Man In spite of its simple graphics, the return man is not just about saving your character from being tackled and successfully acquiring a touchdown, it provides challenge to players, thanks to the amazing game developers! You can also acquire several trophies as you continue the game. The first trophy can be acquired once you get 8000 points, 2nd trophy after 16000 points, 3rd trophy after 27000 points, 4th trophy as you reach 35000 points, and the 5th trophy after successfully acquiring 42,000 points. These trophies are surely something to look forward to, and will definitely hook you into continuously playing the game, anywhere you are!

Impossible Quiz – Where you are going to spend a lot of your time

Impossible quiz logoThe Impossible Quiz is a puzzle and quiz game where you are asked many normal and sometimes quite crazy questions and are also asked to do other things like typing letters on your keyboard or more. With this game you are able to test your skills on thinking, yourself and your mind. The answer of the questions you are asked in this game are not exactly what one would expect and what seems obvious some times. If you want to spend a huge amount of your time one a game this is the perfect one for you, you will become an addict trying to pass to the next level until you reach, if you can, the end of the game. Instructions: You need to answer a series of questions, some of them need you to think logically and some are up to guessing. You start with three lives and you will lose one for each wrong question, when you lose your last life is GAME OVER. Skip: When you complete a series of questions answering them properly you will be awarded with a skip arrow, it will serve you in questions that you find hard. It won’t work in a few questions which means you have to find the answer. You can collect up to seven skips throughout the game. Bombs: These bombs appear on certain levels and when one appears it means you have to answer that question really fast. One bomb can be between ten to one second. Oh and if you don’t answer before the bomb explodes is automatically GAME OVER, no matter which level you are at.


Controls: The only thing you need to play these game is your keyboard, your mouse, your disposition to spend a whole lot of time trying to figure out the answers and your whiling to have a great time. If you like this game we recommend you to try The Impossible Quiz 3 .



Rejuvenate Your Grey Cells With a Game of Solitaire

The world of solitaire game played on the computer is close to the real game of solitaire which is played with real cards. Play World of Solitaire – classic card game. There are many variety’s in solitaire like Klondike, Pyramid and so on. Solitaire is widely played by many people around the world. The best part of this game is that it can be customized as required by the user. The background, the theme of the deck and the type of game can be changed quite easily.

Rejuvenate Your Grey Cells With a Game of SolitaireWorld of Solitaire game Instructions

Initially the computer deals 52 cards into piles. The cards are placed in such a way that the number of cards goes on increasing from left to right. The last card is faced up on the pile and all the others are faced down. The game needs to be played by the cards which are placed facing up. The order to be achieved is that of descending cards and the colors should alternate. An ace card is used to start the foundation of the four packs. As soon as a card is picked the card beneath it will open automatically.

The objective of the game is to convert the piles of cards into four foundations with descending order cards with alternating colors. The winning stroke is when all the cards are transferred to the four foundations.

World of Solitaire game Controls 

This game is played with the help of a mouse. A card can be picked by left clicking on top of it and moving it by holding on to the mouse button. You can release the click in order to place the card. The mouse can be used to change various settings of the user interface.

This game is a brilliant depiction of the original solitaire game. It is game of wit and intelligence which can be played for entertainment. It also helps to rejuvenate the grey cells.


A Comprehensive Review Of Raze 3 – A Free Online Shooting Game

Raze 3Raze 3 is actually a futuristic, brainstorming, platform-based Flash game for the older children as well as teens where you play the role of the special elite forces agent with the responsibility to rid our planet from frightening aliens who’ve returned as zombies. In Raze 3, you as well as your hit team are dropped into the deep end of a number of shooting challenges where you need to eliminate as many alien enemies as you possibly can.


In Raze 3 you’re recruited as an associate of a top notch squad entrusted to battle a new assault by the opponent. While the human civilization makes an endeavor to re-establish itself in the massive cities in space, you must get rid of the unsightly alien threat.

While actively playing Raze 3, you need showing really good responses, unwavering courage, experienced keyboard tapping abilities, and the capability to eliminate foes with minimum fuss. Psychologically, you need to show supreme focus, great strategic planning abilities, and the smartness to understand from your errors.

The Instructions

Once the initial game intro loads, select Local Save, and click on Continue. When the Primary Dashboard screen loads next, you may click the Options wheel icon on the game screen. From now on, you can toggle Music & Sound On and Off and select your own simulation preference.

fighting moment in airThere are 2 distinct game modes to select from: Campaign Mode, and also Quick Match Mode. In Campaign Setting, you have to accomplish 15 increasingly difficult arena levels, individually. First, you have to be a part of the classic “Human Campaign”, where you play like a human soldier. When you complete this marketing campaign, you may select an alien to become your partner. Expect the “Alien Campaign” mode to become considerably harder. In the “Quick Match” mode you need to score a specific number of eliminations in order to win.

The Controls

Make use of the WASD keys or the Arrow Keys on the keyboard to manage your characters’ actions. Press the Upward Arrow or W key twice in succession to do a double-jump. Aim to make use of your mouse cursor, as well as Left Click in order to Fire. Guidelines on your Special Abilities are displayed on the top right corner throughout the preliminary training level. As you wander through each arena, you can get different weapons. Between each Campaign level, you can make use of “Credits” earned through good performance for buying weapon enhancements as well as attribute upgrades.